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The Only Trade Show

Made by the mexican aviation for the mexican aviation





AeroExpo is the only nonprofit International Aviation Trade Show & Convention that
aims to promote and foster the aviation business environment in Mexico.
AeroExpo is organized by Aero Eventos Mexicanos, S.A. de C.V., a company
that was set up to donate a large part of each event’s profit in order to improve
aviation safety and staff training in the country. In order to do so, a prestigious
accounting firm external to our company performs an administration audit, to
ensure transparency in the event’s management.



           The 2018 edition of AeroExpo was attended by:

           - 150 exhibitors with 1,100 representatives from around the world.

           - 6,230 industry professionals and more than 3,192 general visitors.

           - 50 aircraft on static display on 35,000 square meters of platform.

           - Trade agreements for about 125 million dollars during the event.

           - 383 million dollars (5,745 million pesos) in aircraft at list prices.



           Who made AeroExpo possible?

            Aero Eventos Mexicanos, S.A. de C.V., comprises the largest and most
            representative companies in each sector of Mexican aviation.

          - Aeromar
          - Aeroméxico
          - Aeromundo Ejecutivo
          - América Vuela
          - Corporación Ejecutiva de Aviación
          - Escuela de Aviación México
          - Grupo Lomex
          - Helitaxi
          - Jetmach
          - Stam


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