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             Shared Sponsorship Bags

             $ 2,200.00 USD


     - Your logo will appear on the AeroExpo service bags to be distributed to
       visitors and exhibitors during the 3 days of the event.
     - This sponsorship will be shared by a maximum of three companies that
       are not in direct competition. 12,000 bags will be distributed at the event.
     - This benefit will position the sponsors during the event, providing brand
       presence inside and outside the event at a low investment cost.
     - The bags are produced in “non-woven” material and measure 1.3 x 1 x 0.6 ft.





             Sponsorship Lanyard

             $ 7,000 USD


          Your logo will be displayed on all exclusive AeroExpo lace badges, that will be
          distributed to visitors and exhibitors, which will make your brand visible inside and
          outside the event.
         You will be the only exclusive company to have the benefit of show your brand in
         more than 12,000 badgets, which will be circulating around the trade show during
         the 3 days.
         This benefit will position your brand, giving your company great business
         opportunities in the mexican market by showing the brand all over the event.



          Video Spots in Large Format Display at the Convention Center Main 






12 Daily spots of one minute for three days
(total 36 spots)
Video:1920 x 1160 resolution 1080
Imagen: 5760 x 1160 resolution 720 o 1080

$ 480 USD

The banners will be placed in the columns of the Convention
Center. There are only 10 columns.

12 Daily spots of one minute for three days (total 36 spots)














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