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It´s easy to say, but to maintain an event of this type, especially without federal resources, totally self-financing and taking into account the changing circumstances that affect the Mexican aeronautical industry is an important achievement.

AeroExpo is the authentic International Aviation Trade Show & Convention, emanating from our own industry, which has managed to reinvent itself year by year and adapt better than any other to the realities of the aviation, being the business forum of the sector in Mexico with more professionals of executive aviation meet at a Latin American, with more civil aircraft presented directly by their manufacturers in a business and public relations environment.

Naturally, this specialization has had to leave behind certain concepts, because AeroExpo has privileged quality over quantity and its success is based precisely on being an event that is increasingly closer to aviation businessman and with the best scenario for interaction between the professional participants. That is why the days of the "general public" have been left behind and the itinerary has been optimized to favor the schedule of the exhibitors, with Mexico as represents one of the three executive aviation largest markets in the world.

The strength of AeroExpo resides precisely in it´s unique environment to encourage public relations and contacts between the most active members of the aeronautical family, those who really make aviation in Mexico, with effective and memorable social activities in a unique atmosphere with a spectacular return of the AeroExpo Golf Tournament, celebrated on February 18th, where more than 130 players participated. In AeroExpo we have also joined an important group of exhibitors to hold the largest social meeting of aviation professionals in a truly memorable welcome party sponsored by companies such as WorldFuel, Avemex, Jetlife, Dallas Airmotive, ARE, iJet, FlightSafety, Insignia Aviación, Toluca Jet Center, Universal Avionics, Jetflight, CAE, Jetpro, ICCS, Aviación Quality Services, AVMATS, Jet Aviation and América Vuela.

An important part of the success of AeroExpo is that it´s the only event that has a Council of recognized aviation representants among which are Alfredo Velázquez, Jaime Zamorano, René Garza, Juan José Bonilla, Peck Fierro, Alejandro García Bejos, Humberto Lobo, Jorge Padilla, Gavino Salazar, Beatriz Martínez, Agustín Lanzagorta, Héctor Gonzalez Weeks, Tere Reyes, Jesús Ramírez Stabros y Héctor Dávila, all of them active collaborators who bring the very special touch of their vision to guarantee the success and continuity of this project.

Of course the greatest support of AeroExpo is the support and sponsorship of the Gobierno del Estado de México and very particularly that of the Toluca International Airport "Lic. Adolfo López Mateos", whose general director, Alexandro Argudin Leroy, has been very attentive.

Finally, the new Mexican aeronautical authorities Subsecretario de Transporte Carlos Morán Moguel and the Director de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC), Rodrigo Vázquez Colmenares, participate in AeroExpo and take advantage of its inertia to establish a closer contact with the General Aviation and their particular needs. These important officials, together with Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares, Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano, el Aeropuerto a Internacional de la Ciudad de México will make during the event a unprecedented meeting with representatives of general aviation that will be a contribution fot the air safety in the country.

To all the exhibitors and visitors, who make AeroExpo Toluca 2019, in the Estado de México, the nucleus of aviation business in Latin America, we wish the greatest success in all their activities, Thank you very sincerely for your interest and trust in Mexican aviation through this event.


AeroExpo Organizing Committee



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